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I am honored to welcome you to the Anguilla Customs Department website, an interactive medium to keep you engaged with the developments, policies and procedures of the Customs Department. The role of the Anguilla Customs Department resides with implementing Government Policies and Laws of Anguilla in facilitating legitimate trade, protection of Anguilla’s’ Borders and Collecting and accounting for Government revenue. In addition, Customs administers a number of laws, regulations and international agreements, many on behalf of other Government Departments and Agencies. The Departments major legislative responsibilities are outlined in the Customs Act R.S.A cC169. We are fully cognizant of the new strategic direction for Customs in the 21st Century, as Customs administrations is expected to play a new and dynamic role to be equipped with new capabilities to meet the demands of International trade. We have embraced moving towards a digital Customs environment to deliver ICT solutions as a service. The introduction of ASYCUDA World and other systems in the department has introduced extensive use of Information Technology into the overall Customs Process, thus transforming the way Customs function and create an environment for the ease of doing business. The Anguilla Customs Department is striving to be competitive in trade facilitation and economic development by using ICT solutions. The hallmarks of this venture results in the simplification of procedures, with better data quality and integrity to ensure operational standardization and best practices. We hope you find this website useful for any information that you may require about the Customs procedures, policies, Legislation and notices.