What We Do

About Us

The Anguilla Customs Department is responsible for revenue collection as well as the protection of society. Our task involves the collection of taxes associated mainly with the importation and exportation of goods into and from the island, as well as the securing of our borders.

The Customs department has been responsible for the most significant amount of revenue collected annually by the Anguilla Government for the past decades.

We are committed in our duty to facilitate legit trade and ease of travel while safeguarding our island and people against the dangers of illicit trade and harmful products.


To have a highly motivated staff of trained professionals competent to function in a technological driven environment, providing quality service to its customers.

Mission Statment

The Customs and Excise Department is committed: -

• To provide sound and timely advice to the Ministry of Finance.

• Enhance the facilitation of legitimate trade.

• Maximize the collection of revenue and the protection of society by enforcing Customs Legislation and other related laws in a professional and equitable manner.

• To provide quality service to its clientele for the mutual benefit of our society.