After more than four months of development, the Anguilla Customs Department is ready to unveil a new website for its users at home and abroad!!!

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new website which has been built and designed in-house. On behalf of all of us here at Customs, welcome! Our previous website served us well for the past ten years, but technology has evolved overtime. This redesign will take advantage of the most current tools to make our advocacy most effective and carry our message forward.

Riding the frontier of modernization, the Anguilla Customs Department is obliged to provide current content to keep the public up to speed with ongoing plans and developments. As a result, we are providing a platform that is inline with technological age; indicative of the young management core at Anguilla Customs Department.

The intention is to provide an aesthetically appealing model that will encourage persons seeking information to come and browse. Updates will be frequently posted to ensure an improved relationship with our industry partners and requisite legislations/policies will be also be published so expectations and predictability can be measured.

Jump in! We urge users to explore! Although some things have changed, the resources created over the years are still apart of the website. Thanks to everyone who has given feedback on the design, and helped us to create the more connected, organized and social website.

Happy Browsing.