ASYCUDA World Upgrade Information

ASYCUDA World Upgrade Information

The Anguilla Customs Department is embarking on upgrading the ASYCUDA World Platform from version 4.0.24, to version 4.2.2. With this upgrade there will be some mandatory changes that are important for persons to complete in order to access the new version of ASYCUDA World.

Everyone wishing to access ASYCUDA on Monday will have to update their JAVA to version 8 update 51. A download link for the Java installation file as well as a manual on how to install and add the exception to Java has been provided in the resources section of the ASYCUDA page.

It is also important to note that the old JNLP file that was used to access ASYCUDA World will no longer work, and the new file should be downloaded from the ASYCUDA page. It is crucial that these steps are followed as you will not be able to otherwise access the system.

The ASYCUDA World page on the website should be used as a resource, by all Anguilla Customs stakeholders, to find regular updates and news items related to the system, as well as to find any manuals or forms that relate to ASYCUDA World.

Thank you for your cooperation in this time.